that extra lesson means everything!

esf private lessons for teenagers

suitable for all teenagers

Sometimes to be the best a Private Lesson helps iron out those bad habits!

If you need a boost in confidence or just want to get out of bad habits, a private Lesson with ESF is something you should think about. Book an instructor as an individual or in a small group to take you off and work with you on a more personalised scale. Tailormade packages are also available.


SEASONFROM 23/12/2018 AU 29/12/2018
FROM 06/01/2019 AU 09/02/2019
FROM 10/03/2019 AU 30/03/2019
HIGH SEASONFROM 30/12/2018 AU 05/01/2019
FROM 10/02/2019 AU 09/03/2019
EASTERFROM 31/03/2019 AU 22/04/2019

costs 1 to 4 pax

PLEASE NOTE: Classes will start from 11.45am during high season and from 9.00am during season (except during 2.5 hour lesson)
timeseasonhigh season
1 x 1.0 hour lesson 51€ 56€
1 x 1.5 hour lesson 76,50€ 84€
1 x 2.0 hour lesson 100€ 110€
1 x 2.5 hour lesson 125€ 137,50€
1 x 3 hour lesson 144€ 165€
6 x 2.0 hour lesson 600€ 660€
1 x 2.5 hour Morning lesson * 125€ 235€
* PLEASE NOTE: Prices and specific hours apply during the Christmas and February holidays 1-4 persons. From 9.00am. Need to book 5 mornings.

our esf instructor says...

'Private lessons for teenagers help to iron out bad habits picked up in group classes or skiing with friends in free time skiing. Make the most of your time and let us help you'.

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