EXPERIENCE the freedom with our freeride course

Need a challenge?

suitable for skiers with gold star

Explore new slopes and mountain runs!

Our Platinum Star Internship is a course that will benefit all those who want to progress in the world of winter sports. Our ESF instructors will take you to the edge and beyond, testing your skills and showing you new techniques before you move on to competition courses. You will be evaluated on style, technique and other forms of skiing knowledge to help you improve for the future.

In addition to this you will be taught how to manage your transceiver radio and how to use tech equipment to help in your overall safety on the mountains.

Requirement Level: GOLD STAR
Equipment: A backpack will be provided

This course includes a medal at the end!


Only the week of New Year and February school holiday.
Morning9.00 - 12.00 hrs


From Sunday to Friday
6 x Mornings 207€
6 x Afternoon 207€
* Safety kit provided

A customer's comment...

'I got my Gold Star last year and I thought I would go for the Freeride Course to get my Platinum badge level. The course was mental. I learn't a lot and met a good group of new mates that stayed together the whole holiday. Can't wait to do competition next!'

Jack - BeDford, UK 

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