ESF Serre Chevalier Villeneuve

complete your holiday with a private instructor at your side 

private lessons and esf instructor hire

suitable for all

At ESF we can offer many packages and lesson plans that are specific to you personally. 

Why not develop your skills, learn new disciplines or build your confidence all under the guidance, experience and advice of our expert and professional ESF instructors.

Whether you are into skiing, snowboarding, cross country or other disciplines, we can offer you a customised tailored lesson to meet your needs and aspirations.  

Everything is at your own pace and the team in ESF Serre Chevalier will always work out what you need beforehand.

it's all about cross country in 2019!

try cross country skiing with esf

After seeing cross country in the sochi olympics you can now try it yourself.
From the classic cross country to biathlon, ESF have everything you need this season to explore and take on the mountains!
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