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THE ESF ourson Level

from 3 years old

Natural progression up from the Piou Piou medal.

As your child passes the Club Piou Piou medal stage they will be met with the Ourson Level. Conducted on a suitable slope in the resort your child will learn to ski in a fun and playful way.

Ourson lessons are available from 3 years old and are designed to ensure your child progresses on from the foundations of Piou Piou through a multitude of different situations. Your child will discover new experiences on the slopes and enjoy the pleasure of their first slides on real snow. Ourson lessons will help your child grow in confidence and they will leave the playground with their instructor to explore the nursery slopes.

Level required: Piou-Piou.


Season 2017-2018
From 24/12/2017 to 10/02/201809.00-11.30am2.00-4.30pm
From 11/02/2018 to 10/03/201809.00-11.30am12.00-2.00pm2.30-5.00pm
From 11/03/2018 to 07/04/201809.00-11.30am2.30-5.00pm
From 07/04/2018 to 22/04/20189.30 - 12.30pm
PLEASE NOTE:  Session lessons only - Morning or Midday or Afternoon


SEASONFROM 24/12/2017 TO 30/12/2017
FROM 07/01/2018 TO 10/02/2018
FROM 11/03/2018 TO 07/04/2018
HIGH SEASONFROM 31/12/2017 TO 06/01/2018
FROM 11/02/2018 TO 10/03/2018
EASTERFROM 08/04/2018 TO 22/04/2018

costs - OURSON half day group lessons

Lessons: 6 half days from SUNDAY to FRIDAY or MONDAY to SATURDAY*
Lessons: 5 half days from MONDAY to FRIDAY

Aravet meeting point only during new years week and february french holidays
LESSONmeeting point
SeasonHigh seasonhigh season
6 x Mornings 181€ 186€ 186€
6 x Midday 148€
6 x Afternoons* 181€ 186€
5 x Mornings 174€ 182€ 182€
5 x Afternoons 174€ 182€
* lessons from monday to saturday afternoon only during french holidays,
saturday afternoon changed on saturday morning: no class saturday afternoon

costs - ourson full day group lessons

PLEASE NOTE:  Meeting point only at Chazelay
6 x Days with meals 399,00 €
6 x Days without meals 325,00 €
6 x Days Club Piou-Piou Cool * 417,00 €
* Ski lessons in the morning, plus meals and daycare

costs - special easter

3 hours lesson - from 9.30 to 12.30pm
Meeting point only at Chazelay
6 x Mornings 192,00 €
5 x Mornings 188,00 €
3 x Mornings 167.00 €
6 x Days Club Piou-Piou Cool * 415,00 €
* Ski lessons in the morning, plus meals and daycare

A DAD'S Comment...

'I am very satisfied with the "Ourson" course. My son has really progressed and has been amused all week. It's perfect!'

STEVE. Derby

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