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private lessons for children can make all the difference

Suitable for 2 - 5 year olds

Does your child need help in getting started?

Some children take to skiing like a duck to water, however, some do not. Either way the Private lesson set up at ESF in Serre Chevalier Villeneuve is second to none.

Each lesson plan is devised to grow your child's confidence and to help with added techniques. One of our ESF instructors will guide your child around either as a one on one lesson or a small group. Our Private lessons can really make a difference.


SEASONFROM 23/12/2018 AU 29/12/2018
FROM 06/01/2019 AU 09/02/2019
FROM 10/03/2019 AU 30/03/2019
HIGH SEASONFROM 30/12/2019 AU 05/01/2019
FROM 10/02/2019 AU 09/03/2019
EASTERFROM 31/03/2019 AU 22/04/2019

costs 1 to 4 pax

PLEASE NOTE: Classes will start from 11.45am during high season and from 9.00am during season (except during 2.5 hour lesson)
timeseasonhigh season
1 x 1.0 hour lesson 51€ 56€
1 x 1.5 hour lesson 76,50€ 84€
1 x 2.0 hour lesson 100€ 110€
1 x 2.5 hour lesson 125€ 137,50€
1 x 3 hour lesson 150€ 165€
6 x 2.0 hour lesson 600€ 660€
1 x 2.5 hour Morning lesson * 125€ 235€
* PLEASE NOTE: Prices and specific hours apply during the Christmas and February holidays 1-4 persons. From 9.00am. Need to book 5 mornings.


'Private lessons allow instructors to offer a tailored service giving total attention to the child. This allows the children to experience skiing at their own pace, without fear.'


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