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slalom training with esf

suitable for all

With our specialist ESF instructors the slalom test and training allows you to improve quickly. This course is for high level skiers and can be booked by contacting us here.


SEASONFROM 23/12/2018 AU 29/12/2018
FROM 06/01/2019 AU 09/02/2019
FROM 10/03/2019 AU 30/03/2019
HIGH SEASONFROM 30/12/2018 AU 05/01/2019
FROM 10/02/2019 AU 09/03/2019
EASTERFROM 31/03/2019 AU 22/04/2019

cost - training session

2 hours
timeseasonhigh season
2.30hrs 159€ 170€
from1 to 4 people
'Use the Slalom training course to improve your competitiveness and make you a better skier. You will have great fun'.

ESF INstructor