THINK you can ski?

join our esf freeride freestyle internship course

suitable for teenagers who can ski

If you want to push yourself to the next level then the Freeride/Freestyle Course is for you!

If you have a very good level of skiing (we can assess you at the beginning) and you want to explore the mountains a little bit more, then this course is for you. Accompanied by one of our ESF instructors you can ski different levels of slope and enjoy both powder and hard packed pistes. 

Introduce your child to something new and different! When the time comes to have fun at an extreme level for either beginners or advanced there is nothing better than playing around in the SnowPark for the day. With ESF you can enter a course that gets your adrenalin pumping from the moment you get up to the Snowpark. For children between 6 and 12 years old we offer the FREESTYLE course. Your child will learn how to control themselves and their equipment on jumps and turns on several pieces of apparatus positioned in the park. You will learn jumps, turns and manoeuvres associated with freestyle skiing and build a unique experience safely with the help of our expert ESF instructors!

Required Level: GOLD STAR
Please ensure you have a helmet and suitable all weather clothing.

times - freeski  

During the February holidays only

costs - FREESKI

From Sunday to Friday 11.45 To 2.15
6 x midday * 170 €
* Safety kit is provided

our esf instructor says...

'Thisis a great course for teenagers that can ski well but want to improve their knowledge of the mountain terrain. They will learn a great deal of new things in this course'. 

esf Instructor 

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